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  I have found, over the course of my existence thus far, that I am oft the first in line to contradict the commonly held belief. This is not out of some silly conformistic idea that I must be different from those around me, although I cannot say that I am sorry to stand apart, but rather it is because, in many instances, the view that is commonly held is at odds with the view I hold. Personally, I attribute the frequency of this to the fact that, contrary to what silly lilim who want to sell you mortgages claim, people are not smart. As such, the belief held by the most people is highly unlikely to be the most intelligent of the choices. Of course, there are times at which this is not true, hence “highly likely.”
  With that stated, it is then almost inevitable that I, being a fan of Evangelion, would take issue with many of the common assumptions and beliefs that are held by members of the said fandom. As you might then imagine, this essay shall expound upon one facet of my disharmonic beliefs concerning the phenomenon that is Neon Genesis Evangelion. Thus, let us commence with the first discourse: In the case of Asuka Langley Sohryu....

  To start off, I must say that I think Asuka to be perhaps the most misinterpreted character in Neon Genesis Evangelion. To most of the fandom, it seems natural not only to pair her with Shinji Ikari, but also to place a very sympathetic light upon her persona, despite its extreme negative aspects. Frankly, it seems to me that people wish to see Asuka as someone other than who she is, and moreover, they expect her to be someone else.

  To give these people some credit, which I fear I must do if I am to avoid taking the fiery path, which, although gratifying, would complete defeat the purpose of this article, they do have some reason for expecting to see her differently. Unfortunately, many lesser anime and other media oft promote the concept of “if a prominent female protagonist is mean, bitchy, et cetera, then she is obviously doing it as a cover for being a nice, soft, sympathetic person.” As such, people often expect Asuka to adhere to this precedent, and so to them, and possibly to you, my reader, implying or stating that this is not so as I am doing is madness. At the risk of referencing a movie I have never seen and have no interest in, though... “Madness?! No, this is Eva!”
  Some of you may be wondering what I mean by that, of course, so I’ll explain. You see, in my view, what makes Eva a cut above the rest is that it does not subscribe to the majority of anime clichés. With this in mind, when analyzing Sohryu, we must then first strip from ourselves the preconceptions that we make based upon said clichés and so most other anime. I believe that you will find that many things about Eva will make much more sense when considered without the influence of other works. Regardless, though, I have begun to digress, so let us move on to said analysis posthaste....

  Considering that we are attempting to conduct this in a logical fashion, the logical place to start is, as one might think, the beginning. In the case of Asuka, this means her childhood. A very good place to start in this case, since the vast majority of her defining characteristics stem from it. As you may or may not know, Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu, mother of the girl in question, was a key scientist in the development of Evangelion Unit-02. This was rather unfortunate, because due to this, a portion of her soul was transferred into said Eva, facilitating her decent into insanity. In this insane state, Kyoko took an action that effectively destroyed her young daughter’s psyche; she began to perceive a mere doll as Asuka, and Asuka herself as a stranger.

  Considering the dependence of a child her age upon her mother, especially with the lack of a paternal influence, the damage this caused was extraordinarily severe. In effect, Asuka perceived this as her mother choosing a doll over her, and so abandoning her. In short, she now began to look at herself as worthless; her own mother had chosen a doll over her, so what value could she have? And later, when she was chosen to pilot Eva, something she likely thought would bring her mother back to her, she rushed home to deliver the good news... And, instead, she found her mother dead, along with the doll. Not only had her mother not wanted her, but also she had killed what she perceived as her daughter before herself.

  Regardless of what she thought of herself, though, as a lilim, Asuka Langley Sohryu did not want to be worthless. So, as we lilim are so apt at, she adapted. If she didn’t think she had any value, then the remedy was to have other people think she had value. If they thought she had worth, who was she to disagree with that? As such, subconsciously, she began to change herself on the surface. Although an underlying sense of self-loathing and lack of self-worth continued to exist, she covered over these with a persona which reflected the opposite; “The Great Asuka Langley Sohryu.” Now, of course, this persona wasn’t good for all situations, so several other sub-personas also sprang into existence, but as Asuka herself said in the midst of Arael’s mind-rape, “None of these are the real me!”

  Whether or not they were real, however, these personas served two purposes. First of all, they were to fool the world. Secondly, they were to use the fact that they deceived others to allow her to deceive herself. As such, they were made to give her as much attention as possible. Positive attention, in the form of praise, adoration, lust, et cetera, was preferred, but they could easily create negative attention, which was almost as good. After all, if you hate someone, you have to acknowledge that they are worth your hatred. If someone is worthless, you just ignore them, right? Her belief of this is evidenced by her annoyance at Shinji’s lack of bravado at being the best, as well as by her anger at him when he chooses to ignore her taunts and barbs later in the series. As such, it is safe to imply that Asuka is afraid of people ignoring her, and so will go to any lengths to get attention, even in the form of hatred or animosity.

  Later in the series, as her personas prove ineffective in getting her much positive attention and even her skills are trounced, she begins to experience a new reaction. Unfortunately, not only does her self-loathing begin to surface, but it breeds more hatred. Not only does she hate herself now, but she begins to hate everyone. Why? Simple: they failed to keep up the illusion. As such, the brunt of this hatred falls upon Shinji and Misato (see the shower scene in the Director’s Cut of Don’t Be), and of course Rei, although the latter is mostly amplification. Asuka already felt that way about the blue-haired girl because of the fact that she never subscribed to the illusion and so never gave her antithesis much attention in the first place.

  Unfortunately for the supporters of Shinji/Asuka and Kaji/Asuka (does this even exist...?), the state of the German girl’s psyche at the time of the series rather dashes any hope of a romantic relationship. The reason? Simply this: as she is, Asuka is incapable of romantic feelings. You see, to experience true romantic feelings, Asuka would need to put aside her desire for attention, and that is something she would not do easily, for obvious reasons. Furthermore, she is unaware of her lack in this area because another type of desire has subverted romantic feelings; the desire to possess those around her as sources of attention combined with a perception of her body and romance as a means by which she could facilitate such an ownership. The premium example of this is, of course, Kaji.

  Asuka perceives Kaji not as a person, but as a trophy of sorts. If she can possess him, not only will it draw her much more attention, but it will allow her to further delude herself, because she was obviously worth enough to win him. But, moving on to the more commonly cited supposed romantic interest of the young lady in question, we should consider Shinji Ikari. Being as he is the person in the closest proximity to Asuka, she almost has to own him in order to retain her deception. As such, she perceives herself as the perfect means of controlling Shinji. Because he obviously feels some degree of desire for her, she seeks to control him by dangling herself in front of her figurative nose with actions such as goading him into kissing her. However, as she still requires herself to maintain the illusion, she does not give herself, but rather pulls back, creating for Shinji the illusion that he might be able to have her.... Or at least, that is the intention.

  Unfortunately for Asuka, though perhaps the opposite for the younger Ikari, this did not have the desired effect, however. The reason is not that Shinji saw through her or any other such thing, but merely in his character. He is a coward, and so even if he did feel lust for her, he simply accepted her “pull-backs” as refusals and moved on, which frustrated Asuka to no end. Really, Shinji is the ultimate source of frustration for her near the end of the series, because not only is be better than her at piloting Eva and immune (or at least resistant) to her control, but he is beginning to refuse to even respond to her actions at all. For proof of her feelings in this regard, see some of her comments during the mind rape, such as the “You won’t even hold me,” and her anger at his refusal to react to her taunts about being better than her. As such, if anything, Asuka feels anger and perhaps betrayal in relation to the Third Child, not the affection that fanfic authors so oft attribute to her.

  On a final note, and one relating more to you and I again, as opposed to Miss Sohryu, this is not intended as an attack upon the young lady in question. In fact, it is rather a defense of her true character. Although the misinterpreted Asuka may be more appealing to you, and mesh more with your idea of anime, that is not Asuka Langley Sohryu. And, although I find the true Asuka unpleasant as a person, she is an excellent character, and very original. As such, I implore you, my readers, to cast aside this false Asuka and embrace the truth of her character. She may not be a pleasant or likable person, but she is interesting and original, something few characters are. Moreover, though, she is she, whilst the commonly held belief’s Asuka is naught but a pale shadow made by casting the true Asuka against a light which is not her own.
Disclaimer: Pokemon, Rockman, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pokegirls, and all other anime/game(s), along with all associated characters, concepts, ae cetera, are copyrighted to their respective owners. This is a fansite and is not intended to infringe on that copyright. All non-copyrighted content and the layout is Copyright 2004-2007 to CyberForte of and may not be reused without the permission of the aforementioned permission and full credit given unless otherwise specified.

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