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I've recently made some Rockman.exe fake Pokemon cards.
Here they are with a short description:
{NeoGospel Series-100 Cards-Mostly exe2 Based}
Cards released for far{Click thumbnail to veiw}:
001~Fake Forte

-Cant have a Gospel without a fake Forte you know! Kinda underpowered, but the Fake Forte in 2 was, so I don't care.


-Well, hard to say which is more 00ber; it or Forte. Either way, both are Ultra-Rare anyway.

003~Forte's Judgement
Free Image Hosting at
-A kinda wild card that can easily tip the balance of the duel, and so it is UltraRare.


-00ber to say the least, but ForteDelux was too, besides, it's the carest card in the set.
More coming soon!

Old Cards:
001 Forte
It's my first card of the series, a promo Forte, he might look 00ber, but the darkness energies he needs cancels that out.

002, Gospel
My second, Gospel, he is slightly 00ber, but it's Gospel, what do you expect?

003 Laserman
My third, Laserman, nothing really noteworthy ^^;;

The artwork is Copyright to Capcom, cards Copyright to CyberForte of

Disclaimer: Pokemon, Rockman, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pokegirls, and all other anime/game(s), along with all associated characters, concepts, ae cetera, are copyrighted to their respective owners. This is a fansite and is not intended to infringe on that copyright. All non-copyrighted content and the layout is Copyright 2004-2007 to CyberForte of and may not be reused without the permission of the aforementioned permission and full credit given unless otherwise specified.

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