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Well, here are the BattleChips I have created, if you use them anywhere, GIVE CREDIT.

FCR Unleash-

Chip Codes: X
Chip Class: MegaChip
Element: Normal/Neutral
Damage: 20
MB: 69
Silver and Gold Forte-Cross-Rockman both appear on your side of the field.

Silver uses 4 Hell's Rolling attacks.
R=Silver FCR
H=Panel that is hit
(The enemy will be hit if they are on any of the hit panels)

  Next, Gold uses Shooting Buster, hitting each enemy panel three times.
R=Gold FCR
H=Panel that is hit three times.
(The enemy will be hit if they are on any of the hit panels)

  Finally, both Silver and Gold charge up and warp to the front column of the enemy's Front row(if this panel is occupied or broken, this part of the attack won't occur) and use Darkness Overload that strikes twice.
R=Where both FCR are. (Must not be broken or Occupied)
H=Panel that is hit two times.
(The enemy will be hit twice they are on any of the hit panels)

Other - This chip is effected by Full Synch and Angry Mode, but not by attack Booster.

Dark Rockman -

Virus Chain-

Sophie.exe -

Starts off spinning her two swords around like this, and then moves to the right.
S=Sophie starts from the left S and moves to the right S
H=Starting Radius.
#=Panel that is hit for that number of hits.
This is the result
(Navi and Effect by Bronislav84, Sprite on chip by "gundam_remake")

Disclaimer: Pokemon, Rockman, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pokegirls, and all other anime/game(s), along with all associated characters, concepts, ae cetera, are copyrighted to their respective owners. This is a fansite and is not intended to infringe on that copyright. All non-copyrighted content and the layout is Copyright 2004-2007 to CyberForte of and may not be reused without the permission of the aforementioned permission and full credit given unless otherwise specified.

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