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Well, since most sites have a history page, I decided that I also should. began when I was just a regular back at SPPf. I decided to start a freewebs site called "": about anime in general. After a while, I got an invisionfree forum and stuff, but it was still a crappy beginner site using a default template.
Later on, I read The Cave of the Dragonflies's html guide and made a -very- basic and crappy Forte fansite that had -no- content, but was in HTML on a host I don't even remember. At some point, I got tired of being so pathetic, so, following LtU's example, I started over on 1ASPHOST, which was at the time a great freehost.
Eventually, I ended up buying my domain, but using it as a redirect only.
When 1asphost started giving me popups and crap, I managed to convince my mom to let me get a Laid host, Lunarpages.
Since then, I have transferred my domain to it and, unless some complications arise, I plan to stay with Lunarpages indefinatlly...

Disclaimer: Pokemon, Rockman, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pokegirls, and all other anime/game(s), along with all associated characters, concepts, ae cetera, are copyrighted to their respective owners. This is a fansite and is not intended to infringe on that copyright. All non-copyrighted content and the layout is Copyright 2004-2007 to CyberForte of and may not be reused without the permission of the aforementioned permission and full credit given unless otherwise specified.

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