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Revival of Site posted by CyberForte on 12-02-2007 14:08

Affiliate Starting 4.5 Translation posted by CyberForte on 03-10-2007 11:59

Bit of a Requiem posted by CyberForte on 02-14-2007 13:38

Sorry about downtime posted by CyberForte on 01-14-2007 14:00

Fortress + Knighthoods posted by CyberForte on 01-05-2007 22:52

Revival of Site
Posted by CyberForte on 12-02-2007 14:08
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Well, after the recent extended deadness, I've decided to do my best to give the site some new life. You may notice that the menus have been majorly decreased--this is because I have deleted a great deal of old pages that I don't consider to be of any value, then I condensed the rest somewhat to make it less cumbersome. As we reaccumulate content, expect them to get larger again.

I know I've really neglected this place in the past, and I'm afraid that I can't assure you that my future activity levels will be that much better. Still, I am in the proccess of recruiting a staff, and so we should update at least once a month, hopefully more. If you think you could help and would be interested in trying, contact me via the improved contact staff form.

As for the layout, I intend to do a new one soon, but I don't have any inspiration yet, so this one can stay until I do. Again, if you have suggestions, feel free to contact me--or, better yet, post them on the forums. In that vein, I also remade the forums, as the old were full of SpamBots. The new forums will hopefully be an asset to the site and such, or at least fun.

Finally, as you may have noticed, I do intend to expand the scope of the site to include my current series interests, namely Neon Genesis Evangelion and the web-based phenomenon known as Pokegirls, along with the ither Rockman series. I doubt that I'll really do too much general information, though Blues and I might do some Eva episode/manga summaries; rather, I intend to focus on theories, articles, and editorials, as these are much easier to write and far less generic.

I shall try to update again as soon as I have anything worthy of note.

Affiliate Starting 4.5 Translation
Posted by CyberForte on 03-10-2007 11:59
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Well, as some of you may know, our affiliate MMBN Online has started a translation of EXE4.5. If this interests you, the translation thusfar can be found here;
Enjoy. And I -might- be looking for someone to help me write content, since I don't seem to get around to it these days. If anyone is interested, please contact me via E-mail or AIM.

Bit of a Requiem
Posted by CyberForte on 02-14-2007 13:38
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A friend of mine has just appraised me of a rather tragic incident invokving a family member of his. 5.html#

A site has been set up to help collect donations for funeral expenses and such also, and he requested that I post it here, so if you could possibly be of assistance...

Oh, and in a rather dark ironic tone, Happy Saint Valentine's Day.

Sorry about downtime
Posted by CyberForte on 01-14-2007 14:00
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Well, just thought I'd make apologies for the recent downtime, it was an issue with the domain. And, thanks to one Tails_Nightrider, I have finally located some SCR pictures, as well as an aditional effect or two.
I'll try to do something you actually care about soon.

Fortress + Knighthoods
Posted by CyberForte on 01-05-2007 22:52
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Well, I've had the fortress page up for some time now, but I also now add the Knighthoods;
Imperial Fortress
Also, belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New Affiliates
Posted by CyberForte on 12-29-2006 12:07
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We have two new affiliates, see the above for their names/links.
Sorry for the extended hiatus, also, I -will- try to add some real content soon...
(Tonight, I'll have another dream page added...)

New Affiliate
Posted by CyberForte on 11-01-2006 18:38
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Well, a few things. First off. new affiliate added, Megaman Legacy.
Next up, I've cut all ties with P-N, since LtU betrayed me a bit back.
Third, I'm currently without my comp, so updates will be even slower than usual. I do hope to add new things upon my return, so stop by once and a while, if you can..

NOT Dead. Just in hibernation. >.>
Posted by CyberForte on 10-09-2006 16:10
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Yes, um... The site -does- still live. I updated the layount in early September, just never got around to posting.
I'm gonna try to expand the site a bit, and hopefully update more often.
Otherwise, if you're bored with what stuff we have currently, I suggest you try the forums. They aren't all that active just yet, but we're working as hard as we can to make them so with the members that we -do- have.
Also, I suggest you all look into Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, they look quite kick*** thusfar.
Until the hopefully soon next update,

An affiliate lost, an affiliate gained
Posted by CyberForte on 08-17-2006 19:05
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Well, tragicly, one of our valued affiliates, The Soul's Realm, has closed down permanently. We will all miss them....

However, there is a new affiliate now upon our list, amd to use their self-introduction;
Megaman New Horizon
Megaman New Horizon is a fan-based game project developed by Alternate Universe Design Studios for Game Boy Advance. Megaman New Horizon brings you to a whole new world, far, far away from Earth, where new adventures await our reploid hero Mega Man X. At the beginning of the game Mega Man X finds himself at the beginning of the Great War. Huge maverick forces are attacking Elysium, the capital of New Horizon. But even though the hour is dark and the circumstances are desperate, Mega Man X is ready to fight once more to fulfil the promise of a better tomorrow.

And, on a side note, the new layout really will be here soon. If it's not here within the month, you can all feel free to stone, brick, shoot, and brickcannon me.

--Archived News--