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Real Name: Raphael
Position: Content Writer
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Not married
Age: Nearly 17

 I am Blues, the evil pirate-robot-bastard who is constantly described as having a grass fetish (or being a grassophiliacophiliac). I will some day control the Earth, and those who mock me... will be right, I guess.

You might be able to tell that I don't take much seriously. I find that life is too short to dwindle on such small things, and they should just be taken in stride. Most people seem to think this makes me blunt. Maybe it does, but I prefer it this way, as opposed to sugar-coating everything.

I call myself a gamer these days. If there's nothing I should be doing, I'm usually playing some kind of game, or using the internet. Some might call it an addiction, I just call it a passion. Screens are my only mistress (please don't let a certain someone see that...). I also make comics when I'm extremely bored, which usually get pretty good reviews, if not for just the sheer ridiculousness of the things I draw. Some day I might consider becoming a professional in the field, but as for now, I'm just doing this kind of thing for fun.

Disclaimer: Pokemon, Rockman, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pokegirls, and all other anime/game(s), along with all associated characters, concepts, ae cetera, are copyrighted to their respective owners. This is a fansite and is not intended to infringe on that copyright. All non-copyrighted content and the layout is Copyright 2004-2007 to CyberForte of and may not be reused without the permission of the aforementioned permission and full credit given unless otherwise specified.

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